Last Words – Anna aged 7

Anna – Last Words


Today I say goodbye

too soon, dear ones, I know;

too few, the years we’ve shared

so brief, the lessons learned.

But things beyond our reach

outside our grasp

have come to make this day my last;

this day I pass from you and all the love you’ve shared in these short, few, seven, years.


I feel you standing over me

and know your longing vigil at my side –

as anguished Pietas beside my linen tomb –

is soon to end.

Beyond these machines and their beeping, breathing, beats;

my heart already pulses to another sound –

to which their rhythmic prods aren’t keeping time –

It draws me ever closer to a light just like your love

but only so much brighter

shining from above beyond your sad and watching eyes





Let yourself be drawn

Chris Ahrends

Let your self be drawn by simpler things,

your heart and its desires.

Let your doing be the action

your being shares.

And your action will be

the sacred morning mist

of a dawning day,

and your presence as water

in a parched land.


In the Silence



In France a few years ago – this monastery – alone and in silence

In the Silence

Chris Ahrends

In silence.

In the waiting silence.

In the daily waiting silence.

Attentive and with inner smile.

Mindfully he sits.

As though

his life

depends on it

because it does.

The silence – waiting watching non-judgemental smiling silence.

It works on him.

Stripping away social-self.

Gently dethroning ego-self.

Opening the way for true-self’s yearning emergence.

In silence he sits and

watches the new begin

It always does.

Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer

Chris Ahrends

I enter in

the darkened empty chapel

alone and prayerful

incense lingering

in memory of

those who made

their earlier communion here.

I touch water

sign the cross and bend a knee

to the red glow that beacons

and beckons I see

the Holy One

is host here.

I see candles

faithfully flickering

at saint’s sandalled feet

and add my lowly votive too


as faithful have before…

Hail Mary, full of grace; the Lord is with you; Blessed are you amongst women; Blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus; Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death…

I find my place

in darkened corner

and start my prayers alone amongst the ancient saints

A single voice

in symphony with the myriad

who’ve done this

and so much more before…

Each day

I add my trivial vigil

and enter in

Each time


by the holy place within,

where always,

I am met by grace.

About chrisahrends

For me, writing is a healing art aimed at healing me - and if in any way it resonates with you - that would be wonderful. I live in Cape Town, South Africa; work in the Anglican Church of Southern Africa and am married to Jacqui Macqueen Ahrends.
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