No dinner harmony tonight

pic by alex grey


Looking forward to dinner with friends…

who had sailed the seas and

swam with dolphins;

Listening to tales

of inspiring worlds and

pondering the shamans’ cryptic words,

“Man is the Dream of the Dolphins”

But we did not speak of these things…


So I sought her feelings on more

(as she had once before) about

“the mauve carpet of stars

they rode during the long nightwatch”

And how in the ocean’s depth they saw

“memories of another shore

once strolled as people of the morn.”

But we could not talk of these things…


We spoke instead of passing fads,

that, each passing day

are washed away

and found no words to share…

the lonely seas we’ve sailed

and others long desired,

of undocking and of planing

of adventures and of failing

and of that ancient cold conniving

South Wind

each some tide must ride.


Through that night I came to know

and to understand

our central human

compass bearing:

“Lost in thought”

We’re lost in thought;

listening without hearing

living while we’re sleeping

sailing but never leaving

in friendships lost at sea…

About chrisahrends

For me, writing is a healing art aimed at healing me - and if in any way it resonates with you - that would be wonderful. I live in Cape Town, South Africa; work in the Anglican Church of Southern Africa and am married to Jacqui Macqueen Ahrends.
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