We need to look back, too

We know that to make our journey in the world, we need to look forward – to have vision – to know where we are going. But there is a time for and a purpose in knowing where we have come from. Such knowing makes our forward journey all the more meaningful. Looking back, unpacking and reflecting on the path trodden – this is important work. But how do we do this….  Here is an idea… some thoughts…

We get to the source by connecting to each step trodden by those who walked before us – our ancestors and all those whose energy below, above and behind has provided the symmetry, the balance and sacrifice for us to get where we are (and indeed take every step forward) today.

Becoming conscious of every step we – all of us – collectively have trodden to get here and seeing every step as a stepping stone is how we get back to our roots, our genesis, our origins, indeed, to our source, to the One Source, from which every sentient being has emerged and from which everything draws it energy.

Coming to this Source – or at least arriving at that place or state of mind in which we have at least a sense of it, however rudimentary  – ah, this is the beginning of our transformation, this is how we take the first step of our unique and collective journey.

En route, and as we search for and take each step towards the Source – by consciously re-tracing our evolving journey, as we peel layer after layer of onion away – so our growing consciousness enables us to hold every step as precious – as sacred.

Every step that has enabled us to arrive at where we are is sacred and needs to be held as one would hold a magnificent gemstone – in awe and with great intention and curiosity.

Trace and hold dear each ancestor, each dear and blessed one, every soul whose life was a self-giving to get you to where you are today. There was no chance, every element of your past was delicately chosen, blended and mixed to produce each and every sentient being.

And as we go back, step by step, we shall discover how it is that we all share the same roots – that our origins are a common pool from which we all have emerged.

Beyond the generations of difference – beyond the constructed identity that has been laid upon us – that of race, of nationality, of culture, of faith and of social status – beyond all of this, as we go deeper, we will discover more and more commonality.

Beyond our psychological makeup, our temperaments, our sexual orientation and psychic constructs, beyond all of this, as we go deeper, we discover more and more that we are one. Beyond the things we think are fixed, like gender and genetic form or pigmentation structure are layers upon layers of deeper and uniting origins. Beyond our common heritage as Homo sapiens emerging from the common cradle of humanity deep in the African savannah, we need to go – beyond all of this – all of this wonder that could transfix us forever, beyond it all, we need to go, until we arrive we at that place of truth, of understanding, of consciousness, that we are all and each One, united and drawn from a common DNA soup of life.

And beyond this too, all the way back, to the pre-dawn, to our true genesis, to the empty space, where love exploded out of its own intrinsic self-giving – we need to go; for there lives the Silence in which we, after the long walk, and with much reverence and in all humility, will find the Source, the Other, and slowly, slowly come to know not only our origins, but there we will come to see also our future and see that it is inextricably bound up to our beginnings and to each other. This Source is our future and coming, via our long journey homeward, to sojourn with this Silent Source enables us to live moment by moment – fully occupying each present moment, each now – which is the expression of all we represent and can bring to the world and is what the purpose of living is.

About chrisahrends

For me, writing is a healing art aimed at healing me - and if in any way it resonates with you - that would be wonderful. I live in Cape Town, South Africa; work in the Anglican Church of Southern Africa and am married to Jacqui Macqueen Ahrends.
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